Double Agent Puts Parents at Ease

According to Steve Jobs, pornography is a serious issue that plagues Android users.  We’re sure many parents have stayed up all night worrying about what their children are seeing and doing with their phones.  Double Agent understands these fears and is here to help parents sleep easier. 

We’ve seen apps that have a serious Big Brother feeling to them, tracking every single action and reporting it.  Double Agent is not that.  This application takes a less heavy-handed approach and only reports the things that matter – web browsing, searches, and application installations.

A weekly email is sent out to the accountability partner (parent, spouse, employer) letting them know what the user has been up to over the last few days.   The notification bar serves as a constant reminder to the user that they are being held accountable for their actions. According to the developer, Double Agent is a lightweight app that’s not easily hacked.

Unlike most other tracking and monitoring options, there are no long term or recurring costs to worry about.  While some services might fetch $100 or more a year, Double Agent’s one time $4.99 charge should also put mom and dad at peace.