Driving by the Android Dashboard Lights

IMAG0004This past week my iPod Classic finally bit the dust. I knew this was going to happen as it had been clicking lately which is usually an advanced warning that the hard drive is about to take a dirt nap. While I have used either the mT3G or my G1 for a PMP, I was finally forced to really use it for a primary MP3 player. As you can see in the above picture, I mount it to my windshield with a detachable GPS bracket–so it’s always in a convenient place in my car. Disclaimer: I use/used my iPod and the G1 as a device for listening to podcasts so I won’t be covering too much music use here. While it is more than capable, it just takes some time for setup.

The two apps that helped me out the most here are DoggCatcher and Google Listen.  These are great for downloading podcasts but the reason I use both is that I often listen to gadget podcasts (who knew?). Sometimes they’ll be found on one service and not the other, so I’ll routinely check the RSS feed in both just to make sure I can find it first.  Then I can download podcasts directly to the G1 via WiFi without once having to sync it to a PC.  Take that iTunes!   But if that’s your bag then you can always use doubleTwist and it will recognize your HTC device.  Incidentally, the AndroidGuys podcast was easily found in both DoggCatcher and Google Listen so I encourage you to become a listener if you are not already.

But the killer app here is the often maligned HTC dongle for the miniUSB-to-3.5mm headphone converter.  Anytime I need to pause/resume audio I just click the inline button and do not have to worry about trying to wake the screen back up and find the appropriate control all the while driving in rush hour traffic (which happened often with my old iPod Touch and iPhone).  And speaking of the miniUSB port, I do not have to carry around other power paraphernalia with me just to support my iPod.  I can still use the PC cable and the wall charger that I use with my mT3G.  As we all know, less is more when hitting the open road.