Dropbox hires Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside

dennis woodside dropbox

In an announcement which is sure to send a firm message to Dropbox competitors that it means business, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is set to be announced as their latest employee and first chief operating officer.

While the report suggests that Woodside focus on expanding services into businesses and schools, Dropbox will undoubtedly look to leverage the former Motorola CEOs vast knowledge and experience. It doesn’t hurt that he has been at Google since 2003.

Woodside became CEO of Motorola Mobility when Google acquired the mobile company in 2011. However, given Motorola has just been sold to Lenovo for $3 billion, Woodside’s role is naturally coming to an end.

The acquisition of Woodside’s service is huge for Dropbox and their need to reinvigorate their growth plans, especially with growing competition from the likes of Box, and even Google’s own Drive storage service. Perhaps this may spark rumours of the production of a Dropbox mobile device? It wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world…