Early Look: Probability-Based Keyboard “qwerted”

Check out this new take on the traditional Android soft keyboard. Rather than just changing the color or general shape of the buttons, qwerted changes the actual size of them based on the probability that they’ll be hit next.  For instance, if you type a ‘c’, the letter ‘h’ will be larger than say, a ‘z’.  All Android users will be happy to know that it was designed for 1.5 or higher.

qwerted was created and developed by Moritz Haarmann who expects to have the app available later this month.  No word on pricing just yet.

qwerted for android – basic example from Moritz Haarmann on Vimeo.

Features found in qwerted:

  • Punch-through recommendations – Depending on the individual probability, an accented or uppercase key is shown by default instead of the normal, downcase, key.
  • Self-learning -  remembers the words you type, and knows them the next time you want to type them. So it’s always up-to-date with your vocabulary.
  • Customizable  – Set up the size of the keys depending on your preference. Later versions will also allow skins and custom keyboard layouts ( e.g. dvorak ) to be used.

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