Electric Pocket Puts a Fresh Face on Android, Offering PhoneFace Speed “Photo-Dialing”

phonefaceElectric Pocket Puts a Fresh Face on Android, Offering PhoneFace Speed “Photo-Dialing” for Android-based Smartphones

Wye Valley, UK (MobilityNewswire) April 23, 2009 — Electric Pocket is today announcing a new version of PhoneFace, a speed dial application that launches phone calls, text messages and emails with a simple click on a contact’s photo, for smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system. The application shows photos of a user’s friends to offer a fun and easy way to locate the right contact to call. PhoneFace even retrieves the most recent pictures of contacts from Facebook and Twitter.

Rather than forcing users to scroll through hundreds of contacts in the Address Book of their Android Smartphone, PhoneFace adds a new twist to “speed dialing” by enabling them to flick through photos for their most commonly called contacts and quickly select the person they wish to call. PhoneFace on Android also offers a “Map” option, allowing users to quickly locate their contact’s address, and even get directions from the current location.

PhoneFace users can select any picture files for their contacts – whether they are stored on their Android phone or storage card – and for the millions of Facebook and Twitter users around the world, Electric Pocket has added the ability to locate and update the pictures of PhoneFace contacts with their most recent Facebook or Twitter profile pictures. This integration gives users a ready source of excellent photographs for their contacts – and uniquely, the speed-dial picture becomes a photograph chosen by the contact themselves.

“PhoneFace is a light and breezy speed-dialer aimed at helping anyone reach out to their friends and family more quickly with their Android smartphones,” said Iain Barclay, Electric Pocket’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “It’s so much easier to look for a familiar face than sort through hundreds of names in a directory.”

PhoneFace is available now from the Android Market, or Electric Pocket’s PhoneFace web site at http://phoneface.com – introductory pricing is just $0.99.

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