Evernote for Android Gets Updated, Fixes Major Bug

Evernote recently updated their Android application, adding new features and fixing a major bug.  Many users were running into a ‘java.lang.IllegalStateException'error which prevented some folks from accessing certain notes.  It turns out this was a result of a Mac client upgrade and took longer to fix than they had hoped.

So what’s new and improved in the version 1.4 of EvernoteFor starters, Evernote now your devices native camera features.  The means you can now zoom, focus, and adjust brightness, assuming your phone’s camera allows these things.  The search bar now offers tagging, saved searches, suggestions, and more, making users just that much more efficient.  Finally, Evernote now supports eleven languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish.

What’s next for Evernote?  Offline storage!

“…offline storage will be coming to Android. Evernote for Android has come a very long way in the few months that it has been around, and we plan on making it better and better. Stay tuned.”