Evernote announce 3 million Skitch downloads, new feature

Evernote today announced that they have exceeded three million downloads of their Skitch application for Android devices.  At a rate of one download per 1.5 seconds, it’s safe to say that the app does down well for itself in just over three months.  Commendable stuff to be sure but we can’t say we’re surprised.  Evernote is pretty badass stuff and the Skitch application is no exception.  Speaking of which, the app gets better with the latest release as object rotation is added in.

The new version of Skitch lets users rotate arrows, shapes, and text by tapping on the object and using two fingers to rotate. It’s also possible to rotate multiple items at once by tapping each individual first and then using the two finger rotate.

According to the Evernote blog there are additional features expected in short order so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Download Skitch for Android for free on any device running 1.6 or higher, including tablets.