Evernote Gets Ever Better

The popular Evernote, if you don’t know , lets users “tag” or save info (notes, webpages, audio, video, pictures) and have the ability to access them anywhere via the web.

The recent Evernote update introduces new advanced features. Now you can filter your notes by different categories; date, notebooks, locations and attributes. New in the update is the ability to save that search for future reference. So you can organize those shopping lists, cooking recipes and AndroidGuys news articles into one easy to access place.

Also introduced: Checklists, available in advanced search options

Now users can create to-do lists with check boxes to check off once completed. For those to busy to remember to remember. Once checked the online server is automatically updated. This was one of the few things missing before.

More of the recent changes:

  • Notebook sync preferences: it’s now easier to manage your notebook sync preferences and see the size of your notebooks.
  • Phone will sync faster especially over a cell network. We’ve also made the sync process more robust, so you’re less likely to run into problems uploading or downloading notes.
  • More views of more thing: We’ve added a simple text-only view of your note list, which scrolls and loads faster with many notes. We’ve also added a full screen mode for reading notes.
  • Better sync info: We’ve improved the sync status bar so it’s easier to tell what synchronization is doing.

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If you haven’t tried Evernote yet, now is the time. It’s for those who dread trudging trough the endless bookmarks in your browser or trying to find your lost notes. With the new improvements Evernote could organize, search and make notes available to you anywhere with internet access.

If your interested in organizing your digital information and having it available to you anywhere this app is a great tool to do so, give it a try. It’s FREE!

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