EVLeaks: Nexus 5 coming to Sprint

Nexus 5 is around the corner and probably the most anticipated Nexus smartphone to date, and we will see it in both black and white color. Last month, Nexus 5 was spotted at FCC with support for Sprint, and also it is rumored that Nexus 5 will be released by almost all major carriers in USA,and it seems Sprint might be the first one to get it as @evleaks is also reporting that Nexus 5 is “coming to Sprint”. And also, here’s a side view of the Nexus 5, courtesy of @evleaks:nexus-5-angle-640x188Just like every other Android fan, we are also waiting for the Nexus 5 – which will be a strong competitor yet a beautiful device, and we really hope to see it on Oct 31. Are you planning to buy one?

Source: @evleaks