FarSight Studios to Launch The Pinball Arcade

Coming straight outta Compton!!! Oh wait that’s a different story. Let’s change that to Big Bear Lake in California where FarSight Studios calls home. These guys have been making games since 1989, winners of several awards over the past 23 years. They’ve created games for every major console including the original NES, and continue in today’s world of the PS3, XBOX360 and Wii.

The Pinball Arcade is the most accurate and realistic pinball videogame ever created.  Building on FarSight’s critically acclaimed pinball franchise, The Pinball Arcade features licensed pinball tables from Bally®, Williams®, Gottlieb® and Stern®, and includes the most popular historical and modern tables of all time. Four tables will be available at launch: Tales of the Arabian Nights®, Ripley’s Believe It or Not®, Theatre of Magic®, and Black Hole™.

Each month two new pinball tables will be added to the lineup and players will be able to sample free versions of each release (including the launch tables). Paid versions of each table will be available individually or in “themed” packs which will be released over the next several years as downloadable content. “With the licenses we’re acquiring, we’ll be able to re-create nearly all of the highest-ranked tables in pinball history.  Our goal is to make The Pinball Arcade the definitive pinball game franchise of all time!” said Bobby King, FarSight’s Director of Development and Lead Designer of The Pinball Arcade. “We are building an online community of virtual pinball players using shared leaderboards, friends leaderboards, and coming later this year, head-to-head online play modes and cross platform tournaments. All tables are recreated and played in stunning 3D, presented as photo-realistically as possible, and played on the most advanced pinball physics engine ever developed. The gameplay, visuals and sound effects are all authentic.”

I thought that was pretty neat, release 2 new tables each month to keep the monotony at a minimum.  Looks like they have some cool ideas and plan to launch this on several platforms, in what appears to be an all-or-nothing idea. In March 2012 they will release this for the XBOX 360, PS3, Macintosh & Playstation VITA. This video below might bring back some old memories…


Once we see it hit the Android Market, we’ll try to update this post with a link so you can install it.