Faster, more responsive Skitch released for Android


A faster and more responsive version of Skitch for Android is out today, adding in yet another round of new features in the process. Details in the v2.0.5 release include better Pen support, a new hold and lock feature, and new behavior for the move/pan tool. If you’ve not had a chance to check out the document and photo markup app for your Android, you’re encouraged to do so now. Learn more about the update at the Evernote blog.

  • Pen Tool: 
    • Now faster, smoother, and more responsive
    • Pen strokes are now grouped together much quicker
  • Move/Pan Tool: 
    • Now becomes active when you select an object
    • Immediately reverts back to the previous tool used when you delete, deselect, or swipe your finger elsewhere
  • Hold and Lock Feature: 
    • New handy setting that prevents the app from auto-switching tools
    • Really helpful if you use one tool for a number of annotations in a row  – no need to reselect the annotation tool for each annotation!
  • New Settings Icon: 
    • New Settings icon makes it simple to access the Settings menu right from the home screen
  • Tool Tips: 
    • New Tool Tips popups help you discover helpful Skitch features you may not have know about


[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download Skitch for Android[/download_link]