Five for Friday: Apps for gossip hounds and rumormongers

Are you one who likes to Keep up with the Kardashians?  Ever find yourself paging through magazines when standing in line at the grocery store checkout?  We’ve got some Android apps that you might be interested in checking out.  These are titles that will help out, whether you want to follow movie stars, musicians, television actors, or real housewives.

While we recognize that there are other apps out there, or that you have your own favorites, these five make a great jumping off point.  This is not a partial list or one with bias, rather it’s five apps to get you going in the right direction.  This is where we turn to you and ask that you add your titles to the comments below.  This way other Android users can discover the stuff that we may overlook or omit.

This week’s topic: Apps for gossip hounds and rumormongers

People Celeb News

Perhaps one of the more “reputable” sources for celebrity news, People gives readers access to up-to-the minute breaking news, photos, biographies, and more. Featuring a clean and intuitive interface, People Celeb News tracks who is doing what, and where they are going.  For those of you who only have a few minutes to kill, you’ll enjoy the Top 5, which is a constantly monitored and updated list of the five most read articles.


On the other end of the spectrum we have TMZ and their approach to celebrity tracking.  This one is available in a smartphone and tablet-optimized versions and provides access to high-quality videos and photos.  We wouldn’t expect anything else from a company that specializes in tossing cameras into the faces of celebrities.  Didn’t set your DVR for last night’s episode?  No worries, you can watch them with the app.  What’s more, you can also get your fix of uncut footage as well!

E! Online

From the network that brings us The Soup, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Chelsea Lately, comes the official E! Online application.  As one might expect, the app gives users access to all the major shows and the news that comes with them.  Use the “My Celebs” feature and create a personalized news page for following your favorite celebrities and ensure you always know what’s going on.  Watch videos and view photos of celebs and share them with friends over social networks like Facebook and Twitter!

The Soup

Get your Joel McHale on with the popular E! series’ official application.  Relive some of the show’s funnest moments with the “Hall of Fame”, including exclusive footage of Stains the Dog and Spaghetti Cat.  Additional details include hilarious videos, photos, and tweets from around the world, all based around celebrities and their outrageous antics.  A perfect compliment to the weekly show, the free app also provides digital content that doesn’t make it to television.

Celebrity GossApp

Of all the apps listed on this Five for Friday, this one is not affiliated with any particular news outlet or blog.  No, this one pulls information from nearly every major blog, magazine, and celebrity news source.  Why bother visiting a bunch of websites or bookmarks when you can follow them all in one place?  Celebrity GossApp combines news from places such as Gawker, Perez Hilton, Radar, The Superficial, and more.  At last check, we counted nearly four dozen sources of gossip, news, and other celebrity-related goings-on.

Your Turn!

What app(s) are you using to keep up with your favorite celebrities and stars?  Let us know what your preferred gossip app is by leaving a comment below!

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