FixIt!: Android Devices

we_need_to_talkYes, we are all very excited with the newly announced Android devices, but let’s step back for just a minute and take a look at what is obviously missing from most of the current and upcoming devices.

Here is a short list of items for manufacturers to think about:

  • Memory: We don’t want those small 2GB MicroSD cards. Forget about those – Stick in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB cards or “go crazy” with a full 32GB of onboard storage.  Keep the MicroSD port just in case.   There is never too much memory and it’s becoming a key selling point.  Devices with more memory for the win.
  • Unlocked devices: As manufacturer, you need to make deals with carriers to sell as many devices as possible.  That’s understandable, but think about all the early adopters willing to pay full price for your latest devices who might already be in contract with another carrier.  Cater to these early adopters and they’ll help your sales and do a little preaching for you.
  • Be innovative: You have to agree that, so far, there are only small differences between Android devices. There are no devices with rare or unique features that aren’t seen on other phones. For example, why not venture out and put a solar panel on the back of the device or why not release a rugged, waterproofed Android.

We already have, or will soon have, devices to please everyone.  However, things can always be better and we need to talk about it for the manufacturers to notice and hear us. So if you think of something else you would want to see on upcoming devices, please leave a comment.