Former Googler Puts New Twist on Mobile Search with Aloqa

aloqaThe former head of Google Product Marketing thinks mobile search isn’t effective enough so he decided to take the CEO position of a startup called Aloqa.  The company has announced their Android app today and will be demonstrating it at MobileBeat. 

So what is Aloqa? The company describes it as a context-aware application eliminates the need to type search terms into browsers or mobile apps.  Further, it proactively pushes social networking information, local opportunities, and more to users.

Regardless of location, one can simply glance at their phones and see which friends, favorite businesses, events, and other interesting places are nearby.  All without the need to launch a browser or search application. Aloqa uses the location, preferences and social relationships for the user to make real time recommendations.

Head over to the Aloqa site to watch a video on how it works.  It’s got some direct jabs at Apple and the lack of background notifications.

If you want to sign up to the beta, click here!