Full Instagram experience comes to the web

instagram_android_alternative_androidguysKevin Systrom, Co-Founder of Instagram, today announced the launch of Instagram on the Web. Once limited to your smartphone app and browser app for viewing photos on your feed, you can now access your feed from any web enabled device. This means your home PC, notebook, or tablet get the same experience. My question, however, is whether the time spent creating this is truly worth it.

At first glance, the web version is clean, and the ability to view your photo feed in a larger scale is nice. Details are more noticeable, and just like on the phone, you can heart (like) and comment on your friend’s photos. But, as much as I love the idea, of Instagram on my laptop or tablet, the website is so simple it is almost annoying.

“Since our launch in October of 2010, we’ve focused on building a simple app that has inspired creativity while capturing everyday moments through the lens of your mobile phone. In fact, our focus on building out a mobile-only experience is a unique path that we’ve chosen for many reasons, the most important of which is that Instagram, at its core, is about seeing and taking photos on-the-go.” Kevin Systrom

Wonderful, so why not keep it that way?  When you log onto instagram.com, you are only offered to see your feed. Sure, you have the ability to edit your profile, but beyond that there is nothing new or exciting. Instagram was created with the idea that one could manipulate and edit pictures from a mobile device on-the-go, and it works beautifully. My advice Mr.Systrom, is to spend more time adding features to your current mobile application.