GamerShots Launches Free App Promotion for Devs

The social gaming network, Gamer Shots, has recently launched a way for Android Devs to promote their app for no cost to their site’s users.  A quote from their press release:

GamerShots announces a new program for Android developers offering to help promote developers’ apps for free. By going to developers can choose to set their price per install amount to free or they can input a price which makes the app worth incentive points to downloaders. Each app whether promoted with incentive points or not will be listed within the GamerShots Games & Apps directory with a link to the app’s own profile.

Gamer Shots is a social gaming network where users interact with each other about different games, earning “incentive points” for the purchase of  applications. Gamer Shots is working to create a way for a social group to interact with the Android Market, allowing a more in depth review process so gamers can focus in on the best apps out there.

Android Devs, using the gamer shots SDK can get traffic to their app on the Market through the user base, and all for free.  Another way in which Devs can advertise their app and try to increase their revenue stream.