Gaming Subscription Service GameTanium Now Available for Android

Those whispers back in January of a gaming subscription service coming to Android are now reality. Exent’s all-you-can-eat subscription service GameTanium Mobile was launched on Android yesterday and boasts an offering of unlimited access to over 75 great games with new games being added weekly. The service is being offered to Android users as a “free trial” and pretty much acts as a 3rd party app store similar to the Amazon App store. Since Android does not allow other “App Stores” in the Android Market users will have to download GameTanium directly from their site. This also means users must have the ability to allow non-Market apps to be installed (sorry AT&T customers).

Once installed, users can begin to access what in my opinion is a catalog of sub-par games. Unlike a streaming service, the games are actually downloaded to your device and then go through a validation process before letting you play them. That means if you decide to get rid of GameTanium, any game you previously downloaded will not work and will be left on your device until manually removed. Personally I’m not very keen on the idea of paying $4.99 a month to play sub-par games, but the thought of those games actually being present on my device, taking up space, is a deal breaker.

GameTanium claims it will be adding over 200 premium Android games by year’s end but I’m still not convinced it will become popular with consumers. GameTanium is going to be a tough sell, especially when you have streaming services such as OnLive bringing top-notch gaming content and flash gaming services such as Kongregate bringing games for free. Knowing Exent’s relationship with carriers, it may very well become more bloatware for carriers to push on us but let’s hope not.

If you are interested in what GameTanium may have to offer, you can download it directly from their site or use the QR code provided below. I’m not sure how long the free-trial lasts but at least you get one.

Source: GameTanium Mobile via Android Police