Gartner: Android at 36% Smart Phone Sales While Windows Phone Languishes

Following Millennial Media’s findings this morning, it’s Gartner’s turn to drop their latest figures on us. How has Android been doing in terms of sales over the last few months? Very well, thank you. According to Gartner, more than 36 million Android devices were shipped in the first quarter of 2011, accounting for 36 percent of the market. This is three times over the same time frame from one year ago.

Turning our attention to Windows Phone for a moment, the Microsoft mobile OS isn’t doing all that well for itself. Only 3.66 million devices are running their software, with roughly 1.6 million of them powered by the new release. This represents a drop from 6.8% a year ago to 3.6% today, a move in the wrong direction by anyone’s standard.

We’re all for competition in the mobile space because we need companies and platforms to keep Android innovating but Microsoft might not be able to help here. Are they a has-been who needs to bow out of the mobile race or will Nokia help revive their efforts?