Geo-Social Aggregator Hotlist Comes to Android

The Hotlist has come to Android today, bringing its geo-social aggregation service to those of you who need to know what your friends are up to at all times.  The free application combines Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Yelp in one big, handy package with plenty of awesome side effects.  Imagine knowing ahead of time whether or not you should put your shoes on to meet your friends at the bar.  Get a peek at the crowd and see what the guy/girl ratio looks like before heading out on Tuesday night!  Download The Hotlist today from the Android Market.

Features in The Hotlist:

  • View the most popular venues around you
  • Get a glimpse of the crowd at each venue
  • See the guy-to-girl ratio for each location
  • See where your friends are gathering
  • Get a personalized “Hotlist” based on what you and your friends like to do.
  • Friend profiles show where they have been, where they are at now and where they are going later
  • Venue profiles outline the scene including friend attendance, crowd photos and the guy-to-girl ratio
  • Event profiles include real-time Twitter updates, event details and basic information about attendees.