GetJar: Android Heavily Favored over iPhone for Future Smart Phone Consideration

Getjar has released the results to a recent survey this week and, as you already guessed, it shows that people are looking to pick up Android handsets for their next phone.  At a rate of around 40 percent, it far exceeds the interest in Apple and its 18 percent share. It’s no surprise really, considering how many new Android phones are being activated daily. 


The report also has some great statistics for smart phone users which show how people are using their devices.  For instance, nearly one in three (34 percent) of users report that they spend an average of one or more hours engaging with an app while half (49 percent)  of those polled spend that much time watching television.  Further, fifty-eight percent of polled consumers indicated that they use apps at least once per day.

  • Almost 80 percent said quality of the brand’s app makes the brand more trustworthy.
  • 72 percent surveyed said they were more likely to engage with a brand if they had a good app.
Really, there are tons of cool little findings we could list bullet-point style, but it looks best in infographic form.