Girls Rule On Myxer

Myxer put out some interesting gender based stats of how their service is used. The short story of what these stats show is that women have the power in the marketplace.  Let’s face it, we women like to shop and that definitely seems to be carrying over to mobile media — even on Android devices.

Despite the fact that more men signed up on Myxer own Android devices than women, women owned the Myxer downloads. Only 18% of women own an Android device compared to 23% of men,  yet the AndroidGals on Myxer downloaded about 27% more than their AndroidGuy counterparts.  While just a little shy of the 34% difference in all platform downloads — with women at 67% and men at 33% —  it is still a pretty significant difference.  These stats coupled with the fact that there are 1.7 more women on Myxer than men indicate that we’re expanding our shopping prowess to the mobile world and companies looking to penetrate the mobile market should sit up and take notice.

Granted this is only for one service, but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if other apps and sites were seeing similar results.  The fact of the matter is, companies would do well to remember women when they’re developing and marketing apps for the Market.  With Mother’s Day coming up, maybe now is a good time to make request for something you’d really like to see on the Android Market. I, for one, would like to finally see a Kindle app for Android.  Let’s hear your requests in comments.

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