Google AdSense for Mobile Apps Opens to Beta

adsense_iphone_gphoneGoogle is going head-to-head with companies like AdMob, Medialets, and PurpleTalk.  A beta version of AdSense for Mobile Applications gives advertisers yet another way to reach potential customers.  Further, it’s an opportunity for developers to find a way to earn revenue from their apps using both text and/or image ads.

We have already had a successful trial of this service with a small number of partners, and are excited that we can now offer this solution to a broader group. -Google VP of product management Susan Wojcicki

If you are a developer looking to participate in the beta program,  there are a couple of requirements you need to meet.

  1. Min 100K daily pageviews
  2. Free apps only
  3. Android or iPhone app
  4. Ready to implement now, live within 4 weeks
  5. Participation for at least 3 months

isn’t the first to venture into this space, though it’s certainly the most well-known company trying to turn mobile advertising into a viable revenue stream for mobile application developers. Other contenders in this arena include AdMob, Medialets, Pinch Media, and PurpleTalk.