Google details Smart Caller ID feature in Android 4.4 KitKat

The Smart Caller ID feature that was added in Android 4.4 KitKat may be smarter than we previously thought.

Yesterday Google laid out more details for the new feature via a Google+ post.

As we mentioned last week, Smart Caller ID will help you identify businesses you don’t have in your address book when receiving a call. Instead of a seemingly random number appearing on your screen, Google will use its database to display the business name automatically.

Going even further than that, the dialer in KitKat will allow you to look up business phone numbers directly from within the app. You no longer need to use Google Maps to find a business, then place the call. Just start typing the name of the business and Android will do the rest. It worked really well in my brief testing this morning.

Continuing on down the path of impressing users, in 2014 Google will start using verified phone numbers to display caller information for the everyday common person. This means when you receive a call from someone who has allowed his or her phone number to be used (yes, it’s a feature you can opt-in or out of) their name and photo will automatically display on your caller ID. Magical, if you ask me.