Google Earth update adds real time flights, earthquakes, and more

The official Google Earth application was updated today and it’s quite a fun one to play with.  If you have not tried out Google Earth on your Android yet be sure to start with this 6.2 version.  Not only do you get all the great stuff that you’ve come to expect to out of the desktop client but now there are nifty little layers.  The latest release provides access to city tours, real-time flights, earthquakes, and more.

Google Earth 6.2 features:

  1. Earth Gallery: Explore a curated list of layers, such as real time flights, earthquake, and city tours.
  2. Touring: load tours from the Gallery or inside balloons.
  3. Share your current view through Google+ or other social applications.
  4. New Zoom around and pinch gesture.
  5. Stability and performance improvements