Google Glass development kit is finally here

Google has finally decided to release the Glass Development Kit – known as the GDK for Google Glass. The announcement was made at the Google hackathon event. Developers were looking forward to it as it will allow them to work in the areas of hardware which were inaccessible before, also they can create apps that can work offline or in real-time, and explore a lot of possibilities.

google_glass_earbud1Google also introduced few Glass applications, which were developed using the GDK. Have a look:

  • Allthecooks: A cooking app to help you read recipes without using your hands.
  • Spellista: A word jumble game.
  • GolfSight: A tool to calculate distances and the like as you wear silly pants and wave sticks at small round objects.
  • Strava: A run tracking app.
  • Wordlens: Translate printed words into a language you can understand.

This opens a new door, a door with thousands of possibilities. All the amazing applications we have on Android, it is due to all the hard work of the developers, and Google Glass is already an awesome device, so one can imagine that how new applications will make it even more awesome. A new version of the Google Glass will be released next year, and it will be made available to the public as well.

Are you one of the Glass developers? Tell us what do you think about it in the comment box below.

via: Pocket-Lint