Google Maps adds at-a-glance real-time transit info

Starting today it will be much easier to know how long until the 6 Train arrives at 68th Street – Hunter College. Google has added at-a-glance view of details for real-time transit.

[blockquote author=””] Starting today in Google Maps, relevant journeys are handily arranged and summarized in the app—so it’s easy to know at a glance how long you’ll be waiting and what your other options are if you just miss that bus.[/blockquote]

Since 2007 Google Maps has provided real-time transit information for public services. Things get increasingly better today, however, with the expansion into two new countries and four metro areas.

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Google works with more than 100 partners across the world and offers transit info on some 18,000 cities spanning six continents. To do this they employ the help of 6,000+ transit authorities.

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Both the web experience and the mobile apps are expected to start offering the at-a-glance details.


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