Google Nexus 4 will be available for UK and Germany at 5 PM GMT

Google Nexus 4 is really a hit and almost every other Android fanboy is talking about it nowadays. On Nov.27, the device was made available in US only, though it wasn’t sold out but the traffic was very high which means the Nexus 4 is one demanded smartphone. Now its UK’s turn to get the Google Nexus 4, and it will go live at 5-PM GMT (in 10 mins), also it will be available for Germany as well (5-PM CET).

It will be available for £239 for 8GB variant, and £279 for 16GB one, so if you are in UK or Germany, and really interested in getting one, then stay on your computers and keep refreshing the page, and we wish you luck in getting one before it’s sold out.

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Source: TNW