Google Play 4.0 leak shows off cleaner design

Google Play may be getting a face lift soon. The team over at Droid Life published photos yesterday of what they say is Google Play, 4.0. The new version, which is a lot more than the minimal tweaks they have done since 2011, seems to provide an updated interface with larger icons and a more streamlined design. As Droid Life pointed out, the actual layout of the pages hasn’t changed all that much, with search results being displayed in much the same way. The update does use new fonts as category/section titles however, as well as bigger, more eye-catching images, and bold colors to grab the users attention.

google play 4.0

Android users shouldn’t expect an updated Google Play store anytime soon, as most of the new pages weren’t even available for Droid Life to explore (they only obtained the update through a testing rollout.) An official announcement may come at the Google I/O 2013 developer conference, and as soon as we get more information we will post an update. Until then, check out the YouTube video of the update provided by Droid Life and let us know what you think.