Google & Qualcomm Preparing Android To Tackle iPhone

Like we didn’t knew this before, Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Jha seems to be confident in Android chances of taking the battle to the iPhone in his latest statements.

“The iPhone’s good, but “there are opportunities to do some things better.”

Somethings better like…? So far Android appears to be very much like the iPhone with open source being an advantage. I’d like to know what it is that they plan to do with Android that the iPhone cannot.

“It is our expectation that a large number of Android phones will run on our platforms,” says Jha. He told analysts that he has seen the latest version of Android, and it’s “meaningfully better than the previous version”.

Would Jha mind sharing what he has seen with the community? If it is better than what was shown at Google’s I/O developer conference then we’ll be going cookoo for an Android device.


  1. Ok, August 5th here now….3 months away from the supposed launch, when are we getting details? Even leaked info. Even a “the first phone will have XXXXXXXX”. gr. Sure this threat could turn into one of those, but instead, I’m just going to ask, what is the “normal” time period and event-timeline before a phone is launched? I know a phone can be passed by FCC 1 month before launch date (manufacture, ship, etc.). That puts us at October 15thish (supposedly). We’re 2 months from there. Should I be losing my sleep or catching up on it?

  2. I am starting to hate this “Android will run on more handsets” argument. Does that make it better? Symbian is currently the most used OS on mobile handsets, and it is far from the most advanced/agile/superior OS.

    Drop the argument, please.

    Also unless then have something we don’t know of cooking in their labs to combat NVidia’s Tegra, Qualcomm processors and not really next-gen.

  3. Heh. Yeah, Sanjay Jha felt so good about Qualcomm’s prospects with Android, he figured that running Motorola’s handset division looked like a better bet…

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