Google reportedly prunes 60,000 apps from Google Play Store


Google has removed nearly 60,000 applications from the Google Play Store, according to various reports. It is unclear as to what the cause was for the mass removal; however, we’re happy to see Google cleaning things up.

While Google doesn’t stand in the way of any developers listing an app in the Play Store but has been known to remove titles on occasion. It’s possible that Google is just stepping things up a bit as of late, pulling things down if they appear to violate some of the policies.

Really, there’s not much difference to the average user when Google pulls down these so-called “spammy” apps and games. How many do you really need?

As to what the official number of Android apps actually is will likely be fleshed out at Google IO next month. It’s likely that we’ll hear the monumental figures of app downloads, available titles, etc.