Google reportedly taps Asus for next-gen Nexus 10 tablet

Google has asked Asus to manufacturer the next-generation of Nexus 10 tablets, says a new Geek report. According to their sources, the refreshed tablet will be on retail shelves and in Google Play in time for the holiday season.



The site posits that the tablet will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the 2650×1600 resolution display found in the original. Thus far, the only known specs look to include at least 16GB storage and Wi-Fi connectivity — not much, but whatever.

With a few months to go before this tablet arrives we might expect plenty of leaks and rumors to bubble up. We may also look for some rationale behind the decision to go with Asus as opposed to Samsung for the new tablet. Something tells us that price point factored into the equation, but we could be getting ahead of ourselves.