[UPDATED] Google Still Testing Froyo Builds; FRF83 Not Final Release

Photo: Niall Kennedy

Update: Looks like the build our source was testing is rolling out to at least a somewhat wider group: posts on XDA Developers and Twitter indicate that a quite a few Nexus One owners are receiving OTA updates to FRF85B.

Despite other sites’ declarations that the Froyo build that starting going out a a few Nexus One owners last week, FRF83, was the final release build, AndroidGuys can confirm that Froyo for the Nexus One is still in testing and not yet in wide release.

A couple clues did point to FRF83 being the final release version: protected apps were visible in the Market to FRF83 users, and it started going out the same day the Froyo code was dropped into the Android Open Source Project. But it didn’t quite add up to us: for one thing, why would Google not acknowledge the release with an announcement of some kind?

Today, a source inside Google let us know that Froyo builds for the Nexus One are still in testing, and that at least one build numbered higher than FRF83 has been OTA’d to a small testing group.

The pace of these releases–this one just a few days after the last–and the fact that most rough edges have been polished off, lead us to believe that the full release is imminent. My guess is that we’ll see the final release version this week.  And the source we spoke with is using a Nexus One on AT&T, so there is a possibility that FRF83 is the final build for T-Mobile-tuned Nexus Ones. (The Eclair builds for each version of the Nexus One did have different build numbers.) But take all that with a grain of salt– it’s just our speculation. We’ll hold off on confirming anything until we know for sure.