Google to give Motorola Mobility its own space

The acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google is considered as one of the biggest moves in the technology industry. $12.5 billion isn’t a small amount, right? Word was on the street that Motorola will completely merge in with Google, and we might see a time when there would be no Motorola phones, except we will see Google-branded phones with Motorola hardware. Ultimately, nobody knows what Google is actually up to. Google’s chief finance officer Patrick Pichette said:

“It’s important it stays on its own battlefield. We are not integrating Motorola with Google, we’re making sure it has everything it needs to win in its own space. You shouldn’t expect a full integration of the two companies.”

Motorola is the maker of some of the best Android phones, and we just can’t miss the Motorola RAZR, the sexiest Motorola yet. Though there were also such rumors that with the acquisition of Motorola, Google will restrict Android only to their own branded phones, but they agreed to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s condition that they will keep it free for at least five years, so that’s really a relief.

However, I hope to see some delicious devices from Motorola this year, and we recently saw some leaked shots of some upcoming Motorola devices like the Atrix 3 and the RAZR HD.I would love to see a day when Google will launch their own branded device with Motorola hardware. Tell us what do you think about it in the comment box below.

Source: Yahoo