Google Wallet update in the pipes, big changes?

Google Wallet hasn’t exactly been widely adopted, but that may change in the near future. Google has updated the Wallet website, and they’re touting the “next version of Google Wallet, coming soon.” Now there’s no word on just how “soon” this update will hit (could it be part of the “playground” that Google is talking about for October 29th?), but word is that it’ll be bringing some fairly big changes.

On the sign-up page for the new update, Google asks users what kind of device they use. Included on the list of options is the iPhone, which could mean that Google is moving Wallet away from a dependency on NFC-enabled phones. Wallet has been a love-hate feature for many users, mostly due to carrier adoption and several other factors (that’s another post for another day), but it looks like Google is finally trying to fix those problems.

Some have said that Google may have jumped into the NFC-payment market too hastily, and that contributed to the lack of heavy adoption for Wallet. Whatever the case, it’s interesting to see that Google might be working to include other devices outside of Android, even the iPhone. It’s expected that the update will encompass not just Google Wallet on mobile devices, but also some improvements in the web service that many use for online purchases.

Coming just hours after ISIS went live for AT&T customers in two major cities, it’s safe to say that the update isn’t coincidental. While it’s a bit early to tell, ISIS could turn into a major competitor in the mobile payment market, and if handled correctly by the carriers, it could help in getting NFC payments into the mainstream quicker.

So, who’s ready to see what Google brings to the table with the new Wallet update? Do you see Wallet becoming bigger than what it is now, or are mobile payment services just not ready for NFC? Drop a comment below!

Source BusinessInsider