Google+ will AutoAwesome your year in pictures and videos

With the year wrapping up, it’s always great to look back on what you accomplished in the past year.

Facebook does this for you with its Year in Review feature and now Google is going to do just the name with with Google+ and #AutoAwesome

You may be familiar with some of the most recent #AutoAwesome features, such as the newest that adds falling snow to your photographs, but Google just announced one more feature, the “#AutoAwesome year in review.”

As with all Google+ updates, your account will be updated automatically, as long as you’ve been uploading photos and videos all year, and you will be notified when your version is ready to share.

Google will then automatically sort through you photos, choose the best content and create a sideshow made up of your photos and videos from the year.

Notifications about the update are expected to start rolling out in the next week or so.

via +AnilSabharwal