Google’s Schmidt: “Android Adoption is About to Explode”

android_growthYay for headlines like that. Today was Google’s Q3 earnings conference call and one of the hot topics was the growth in their mobile division.  As well all know, Android is the key ingredient to the recipe of success.   We’ll spare you the entire call and transcript and give you the stuff that has us most excited.

“Android adoption is about to explode. You have all the necessary conditions.” – Eric Schmidt

“On a quarter over quarter basis, mobile searches grew 30% on Google. It tells you something about the mobile space, the smartphones, and how they are transformative. They are basically transforming how people live on a mobile basis. If we move forward the adoption of these mobile phones by lowering the cost because it is open source, think of how many searches [that will produce].” – CFO Patrick Pichette

“Android now 12 devices in 26 countries, 32 carriers”  – Eric Schmidt