Grow Random and Unique Plants on Home Screen with Droots Live Wallpaper

We learned of a new live wallpaper this morning called Droots which enables users to grow unique, completely random plants on their Android home screens.  Droots,  or digital roots, take anywhere from two to four weeks to grow and are different every single time.  The live wallpaper is available for free (Android 2.1+), comes with a pair of background environments (dune, forest) and can automatically adjust lighting based on the current time of day.

If you really want to take advantage of Droots, you can purchase various perks or settings (environments) through the Android Market at prices that range from around 69¢ to 95¢ each*.  Perks might include the ability to move your Droot once it begins growing, sharing over social networks, time machine, or psychedelic color shift.  Additional locations can include swamp, beach, Japan, garden, and more.  Should you find you’re not the patient type and want to see the Droot grow faster, you can purchase super seeds as well, with the same low prices.

Purchase a couple of seeds today and start growing!  Hit the break to check out a few screen shots and a video demo.



*Actual price may vary depending on country.