Guns’n’Glory gets 20 new levels with Nevada, Alaska campaigns


HandyGames has announced that they’ve updated their popular Wild West defense game, Guns’n’Glory, with twenty new levels spread across two states.  If you’ve already downloaded the game then you’ll soon notice the Alaska and Nevada update complete with new bandit units – the “mad, rocket-firing Pyromaniac and vicious Snake Oil Salesman, who hurls vials of poison gas at his victims”.

Faced with such opposition, the settlers are bringing along the Doctor, who uses his substantial healing skills to make the player’s job harder. Add in the mysterious Gambler, who let’s you gamble money for units, and all bets are off again!

What’s New?

  1. 10 new challenging maps in the deserts of Nevada!
  2. 10 bonus maps in the cold district of Alaska!
  3. New Unit: the high-explosive Pyromaniac with his deadly rockets!
  4. New Unit: the mad Snake Oil Salesman and his toxic tonics
  5. New Unit: the shady Gambler and his poker cards for gaining extra units and bonus money!
  6. New support for the enemy: the helpful Doc that heals his settler friends!
  7. New bonus crates with powerful effects!
  8. Fixed problems on Android 3.2+ devices
  9. Some minor bugfixes and optimizations

Download Guns’n’Glory for $1.29 in the Android Market for most devices running 1.6 or higher.