Happy 6th anniversary to Android and AndroidGuys

Just a quick note to let everyone know about a little milestone that might be of interest. Today marks the 6th anniversary of the announcement of Android and the Open Handset Alliance. What’s more, it’s also the birthday of this site, AndroidGuys.

I started AndroidGuys as a blogger website on November 5, 2007 when Google announced Android and its intentions to disrupt the mobile space. While the world was semi-disappointed with the fact that there would be no actual “G Phone” I was excited by the bigger ambitions. Forget one device, let’s talk dozens!


I had watched the news and rumors leading into the announcement with much anticipation; things turned out better than expected. Not only was Google doing something big, but they were bringing 33 partners along for the ride. This would be fun and would be something my friends and I would be interested in following. So, we created a blogger page and set about trying to read the tea leaves for the next few months.

Our aim was to capture anything we could that would relate to the project, be it details from a developer, whispers of devices, and more. Suffice it to say, the early months were very dry. It was very easy to work a full-time job and put in just a few minutes per day (or week) discussing things we found online. We just wanted to create a central hub for the team to share stuff we thought the others would care about.

Did we have long-term ambitions? Sure, why wouldn’t we? We were, however, primarily focused on entertaining each other and keeping up to date with the news.

There were five of us starting out AndroidGuys, most of us working for T-Mobile at the time. I still have very fond memories of sitting in the break room after hours, recording podcasts on a portable media player and trying to figure out what it was that was happening in the landscape. I miss those guys dearly. We were one of the only games in town; Rob Jackson, however, was also starting Phandroid at the same time.

Phrases like “fly by the seat of our pants” seem appropriate when discussing the first months of AndroidGuys. We not only had to learn about Android, but we had to learn how to blog, mess with website themes, network with people, etc. This was in the days before Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Jump forward a few years and we have not only hundreds of Android devices, but score of blogs and resources for developers and fans alike. The game has changed time and again and it’s been nothing short of a thrill ride.

I’d like to thank you, the AndroidGuys reader, for allowing me to do what I love most as a job. It’s not “work” when you enjoy it, and I feel only too privileged to have been doing this for six years running. I’ve watched many an Android site come and go over the last few years and count my blessings that we’re still here and powering along.

We’ve got some really great things in the pipeline and hope that you’ve enjoyed some of our recent changes. In addition to the new theme, we’ve rolled out regular columns aimed at educating and helping existing Android users get the most out of their devices. We no longer have to talk about every scrap of detail that comes along; leaks, software updates, and rumors have taken somewhat of a backseat to the app news, reviews, and resources. Why? Because we no longer have to convince people that Android is going to be awesome. At last check, roughly 80% of the world’s smartphone users already know that.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped with AndroidGuys in any capacity. A special, heartfelt thank you goes out to the readers who continue to reach out to us, visit us, and help us on a daily basis.

Scott Webster

Editor, AndroidGuys