Have a Mobile Trick You Want to Share? Put it on YouTube

Google Mobile launched a dedicated channel on YouTube last month called Mobile Tricks. It’s for all of you guys and gals out there who have something fun, cool, or funny that you do with your handsets. From the description given, it sounds like you can practically upload any video you have, just as long as there’s a cell phone involved somehow.

We’ll post all the ones we like to our playlists for the world to see in one centralized space, and will be blogging about our favorites here every so often. Be it a useful tip on how to use your phone to get internet access on your computer or a fun trick like juggling a phone and two rubber chickens, we want to see what you’ve got!

Simple stuff like using your device as a mirror to pick your teeth after lunch, or shining the camera screen to look for keys is probably gonna be tackled by tons of people. I use mine to fumble around the room at night so I can see where my stuff is without waking my wife. Open up the all-white blank text message screen and you’ve got some nice ambient lighting.

Submit your videos to the YouTube channel!


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