How about a fresh batch of Samsung rumors?

Down in the dumps over the rumors that Samsung has decided to pull the Galaxy S III from their Mobile World Congress announcements?  Wondering what, if any, stage could be bigger than the annual Barcelona event?  We’re getting word today that the reason that Samsung has opted to put the brakes on the unveiling is because they have their sights set on another event with worldly implications.

If the new rumor proves to hold true then we might expect to see the Galaxy S III get a formal announcement right around the time the Olympics get started in London later this summer.  The move would also address the rumored concern about spacing between international and U.S. versions.  As many of you know, the wait between the unlocked GSM models and our carrier-branded iterations is an agonizing few months wait.

On the other side of the coin we’ve got another source advising that the Galaxy S III is still expected to be at Mobile World Congress.   More specifically, the handset will arrive in the middle of March.  This certainly lines up with previous releases for the Galaxy S series and makes sense on the surface.

Moving along, we’re hearing whispers that Samsung will be announcing a slightly tweaked Galaxy Note S later in the year.  No indications yet as to what would be bumped but it will likely include a faster processor.  What’s more, it’s being reported that there is also a Galaxy S II Plus is on the horizon.

We’ll be the first to tell you that some of this stuff may not be much of a stretch.  Samsung has been known to announce slightly modified versions of their Galaxy line for more than a few models, most recently in the Galaxy S Advance.  To suggest that we’re in for an enhanced Galaxy Note or Galaxy S II is like saying Motorola is expected to release a Droid 5 in 2012.  Either way, we’re on board with whatever it is!