HTC EVO Saves a Mans Life!

A HTC EVO saves a mans life!

We all know Android is awesome. Well now we have another reason to tout that Android is the best. Not just in mobile operating systems but in lifesaving devices.

John Garber was a valet at a local night club in Atlanta. After two men were thrown out of the club. They soon got into an argument that lead to a brief shoot out. During the firefight John was hit through the back of his jacket by one of the flying bullets. Luckily John had in HTC EVO stuffed in the inside pocket.  The bullet pierced his jacket and was stopped, centimeters away from his chest by the battery of the phone.

No need for bullet proof vests, just strap some Android on! Not really, don’t try this at home.

Now John has this reminder of the life saving battery.

Associated Press posted video on youtube of interview with John below.