HTC Files Trademark for ‘CloseConnect’, Possible NFC Implications

HTC recently filed for a trademark on the terms ‘CloseConnect’ and ‘HTC CloseConnect’, leading many (including us) to believe this might be their branded take on near field communications (NFC).  As some of you might already know, HTC has yet to offer a smart phone with a built-in NFC chip, an emerging mobile technology.  With Google Wallet tests underway and a full-scale rollout expected before long, HTC will want to make sure they figure into the equation.  To us, CloseConnect sounds like an HTC app/feature to built into the Sense UI, adding to the overall value of the custom experience. 

…Computer application software for mobile phones, cellular phones, smartphones, PDAs, and tablet computers used to manage near field communication technology features on those devices; Computer software for setting up, configuring, and administering peer-to-peer networks and local peer-to-peer networks. – Excerpt from Trademark filing

Via: BGR