HTC gears up to improve service

HTC‘s Sense UI has been much lauded by customers and the media, even if it has gotten a bit out of hand with the past few updates. Over the years, various changes and feature additions have been made, including integration with, a service tailored specifically for HTC Android phone users. Those who have used know that service adds some great features like phone tracking and theft protection, as well as backing up some  things that Google doesn’t, like messages and call history. According to HTC, we can expect some “improvements” to this already great service, though they stayed mum as to what these might be.

Given Beats Audio’s rumored acquisition of MOG, we can always hope for some sort of media integration, but that seems a bit too soon. Anything at this point would be pure conjecture, but one thing HTC does warn customers of is loss of data while they’re going through these changes. As such, they’re providing a handy information download tool so that any information you’ve stored through the service isn’t lost in the void of Cloud-land.

Any users should have gotten an email about these changes, which you can see in the screenshot above. So what do you think these “improvements” could be? Do you even use the service as it is? Let us know in the comments!

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