HTC Making New Nexus Device to Compete With LG?

Andy Rubin let it slip a few weeks ago that Google was working on another Nexus device, this one to be the first device to run Ice Cream Sandwich, which essentially brings Honeycomb to both tablets and phones, with each device getting the assets and features that fit it best. We first heard whispers that LG would be the manufacturer of this new Nexus device (some referred to it as the Nexus 3), but now we’re learning that HTC also has a hand in the proverbial cookie jar. HTC and LG are apparently both making prototype devices for Google, but only one will be chosen by Google to be the new Nexus device. The picture above is supposedly a rough draft of HTC’s device, although we’re hearing that it’s been Photoshopped and retouched, so we have our doubts.

The main thing worth noting here is that it doesn’t appear to have any capacitive or hardware buttons on the bottom of the display. This is most likely because ICS will be similar to Honeycomb in that there will be virtual buttons built into the OS, making physical buttons on the device useless. Rumors are also flying around that this device will have both HSPA+ and CDMA versions, with the latter being aimed directly at Sprint, who seems to be getting cozy with Google as of late. The device is set for a makeover before launch, and it’s rumored to include a front-facing camera. Not much else is known about this mystery device, but we’ll do some digging to try and find out. Still no word or leaked pictures from LG, and we’re certainly curious as to what their Nexus device will look like. Keep in mind that this is all just speculation for now. More on this as it develops.

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