HTC One Max pricing leaks for international and Chinese versions

The unlocked international version of the HTC One Max is expected to cost RMB 5,088 ($833 US), according to a Chinese source. Further, a Chinese model will sell for RMB 5,488 ($899 US) and will be supported by China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile. Reportedly, the China Telecom model will be a dual-SIM handset while China Mobile’s supports TD-LTE.

HTC China is also slated to carry the HTC One Max as part of a bundle that includes HTC Mini phone and Bluetooth headset; pricing here is expected to be RMB 5,998 ($982 US).

Indeed, these are some premium price points and considerably higher than the typical customer might be willing to be spend. We’re anxious to see what HTC cooks up for the U.S. market and whether or not they keep themselves out of reach for the average buyer. Thus far, Sprint and Verizon are the only two to announce upcoming support for the HTC One Max.

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