HTC: Some products have passed ITC review

HTC advised over the weekend that some of the products being held at the U.S. border have been admitted into the country after getting the “all clear”.  As some of you already know, both the EVO 4G LTE (Sprint) and HTC One X (AT&T) have been held up while they were reviewed for possible patent violations.  Speaking to the Taipei Time, HTC did not specify exactly which models were given the go ahead however we’ll find out once word of retail stock levels trickle in.

“Some of our products have passed the review and have been delivered to our telecoms operators’ clients in the U.S.,” HTC  to the Taipei Times.

Sprint was hoping to have the EVO 4G LTE launch last Friday (May 18) however the snag has resulted in a delayed debut.  While we initially heard that the handset would begin shipping again, Best Buy later changed their tune a bit by listing it with a vague “indefinite” time frame.

Via: Phone Scoop