HTC Stunning to Head to China as Company’s First NFC-enabled Android Handset

The first HTC handset to feature built-in NFC support is expected to land on Chinese soil sometime over the next few months.  The smart phone will be called the HTC Stunning and it will feature support for China’s national bankcard association, UnionPay.  Aside from offering an NFC chip, the only other detail for the phone is that it will have a 4-inch display and could be here as early as September.

Just yesterday it was reported that HTC had registered a pair of U.S. trademarks with NFC implications, a sign that we could see this stateside in the coming months.  HTC is certainly not the first handset maker to offer this technology in their smart phones, but with no major standard  having yet emerged they are not too late to the party.

Tech CrunchChina Daily