HTC turns in first profitable quarter in a year

At this point we could say HTC is used to losing money. They make great devices and yet the are unable to turn profit by selling them. Q2 was finally a successful quarter for the company, they turned first profit this year.

HTC’s revenue in Q2 was NT$65 billion ($2.17 billion) out of which they got NT$2.26 billion ($75 million) in profit. They actually had lower revenue this year than they did last year in the same period, but that’s quite normal considering they cut unnecessary costs. Besides, their net profit is higher. We hope HTC will continue turning profit in the coming months, but we’re afraid that won’t happen. We assume HTC One (M8) boosted their profit in Q2 quite significantly considering its been praised all around and has been recognized as one of the best phones this year.

Do you think HTC can keep the momentum going?

Source: HTC
Via: The Verge