HTC Zoe (beta) released for Android devices running 4.4


HTC released its, no longer proprietary app, called Zoe in the Google Play store, in beta mode, for Android users who run 4.4.  This app is no longer only available just for HTC devices and can be installed on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3.  When I owned a HTC One, a favorite feature of mine was the Zoe app because it turned ordinary pictures into a slideshow, which HTC calls a Zoe, with music automatically and did a good job at that.

One of the nice features that HTC added was the ability to share your slideshow with your friends, but the caveat is they must have the HTC Zoe app installed too.  So unfortunately, you won’t be able to show off Zoe to your iOS users unless they’re standing next to you. Fortunately though, if your friends do have the Zoe app installed, they can contribute to your Zoe and ‘remix” it by adding their content to make a better slideshow.

If you’re interested head on over to the Google Play store and download your own free copy.


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